Promotional Products

What Are Promotional Products?

If you've ever gone to the business and was given a koozie, or taken a tote bag home from a 5K, you've held a promotional product in your hands. These logo printed items are part of our lives almost every day, even if we don't always realize it

Why Do I Need Promotional Products?

Promotional products are custom items that businesses, non-profits, bands, sports teams, realtors, and other organizations use to advertise. These items are printed with some kind of identifying mark like a name, contact information, slogan, or logo.

The logoed glassware you drink from at a restaurant, the band tshirt you buy at a concert, the tumbler or mug you bought at a local restaurants all of these can be thought of as promotional products!

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What Are Promotional Products Used For?

You can give promotional products away for free, use them at your business, or sell them to bring in some extra funds or revenue. They can be used for any of the following:

  • Daily business operations
  • Employee uniforms
  • Branded merch that's purchased by fans
  • Free giveaways at events
  • Fundraising items for a non-profit
  • Souvenirs at hotels and tourist attractions
  • Spirit wear of a team or school
  • Holiday gifts
  • Community awareness giveaways
  • Party favors for weddings and other events