We Print Stuff on T-shirts

How'd it begin?

Founded by two friends with the sole reason to provide high quality custom shirts to anyone who needs them at an affordable price. The Merch Planet was started in garage many years ago like most businesses, it took a few years before it became a full time dream. We've not looked back since!

After years of trying to be everything to everyone, The Merch Planet has focused in on a simple but powerful goal: making someones new favorite shirt. We have created a simple, intuitive process for getting awesome products that people will love to wear more often.

Locally owned, locally printed

We’re a family at The Merch Planet and we   are driven to make quality custom t-shirts that feature the compelling messages and beautiful designs of our treasured customers. We love putting new things out into the world, that you can be proud to wear. 

Shirts are what we make.

The art of printing is our passion.

But really... what IS screenprinting? For us, screenprinting is undoubtedly an art form. The attention to detail that goes into the screenprinting process is crucial - and because we understand the importance of that, we know how to deliver superior quality products. There are a lot of moving parts to the screenprinting process that must fit perfectly together in order to achieve the best end result - take it from us, we know a thing or two!

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